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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Really? I mean Really?

Posted by Carisa |

Does the last post read Feb 25th? Impossible! OK maybe it is totally possible. I would love to say it was because I've been uber important and busy and that's is why, but in reality, I just haven't done a lot of sewing. I did finish my jacket and will post shortly on my "maybe that was the wrong lining for this project" jacket. I have found that there really is a reason some fabric is actually called lining, weird. But this you will learn more of later so stop bugging me already...geesh...oh wait, that's the jacket talking, shut up jacket.

Other than that I got a promotion (woot woot) it's basically the same job (bummer) but with more pay (super). So that has been taking up time, and then I started watching the series Bones, and I'll be honest, that is really what has prevented my sewing. Shameful, I know. But. I. Can't. Stop. Watching. OK OK OK, it' actually the ONLY reason I haven't been sewing, who told you! Don't think for a second though that my boyfriend has not mocked me episode by episode. But I am immune to his snotty comments and will continue my viewing! (I'm in the middle of Season 4, um WTF with the Season 3 ending!)

So, that's me, my life, and where I've been. I'm not exciting I know, but more sewing will occur! Besides, it's really my only hobby. I don't think I can obsessively watching crime shows is my hobby..or can I...


Ana said...

OMG the same thing happened to me, all sewing stopped for a week while I obsessively watched all 4 seasons of Bones! Curse you Instant Netflix!!! Haha! Love your blog btw, way hilarious!

Carisa said...

I'm glad I am not the only one seduced by Bones. I'm watching it on Netflix too! I tell you, It's a conspiracy again sewers. I swear their is some subliminal message that says "oh, did you want to watch another? The pointer is already there. Don't you want to know what happens next? If you were really dedicated to sewing you wouldn't still be listening to me. You should press play. Good girl, we'll talk again in 43 minutes."

I also feel that this voice is Russian, is that wrong?

I'm almost done with 4...sigh...

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