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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

When Boyfriends Make Bad/Good Decisions For You

Posted by Carisa |

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Senior Moose
Me and Boyfriend:

Me: Ok, tell me I don't need buy a new sewing machine
BF: You totally should
Me: (spitting out drink) What!
BF: Why not, it's your only hobby really (sad) and the one you have is really old
Me: But I really shouldn't spend the money, that is what you are supposed to say to me
BF: Meh, and if you got a new one, you could do all kinds of new things and be faster
Me: Ok you are NO help, I asked you because you were supposed to say no
BF: Sorry, I think it's a good idea, how much will you spend
Me: I don't want to go above $400-$600, and $600 would kill me to spend. It's so much.
BF: Wow, I thought you were going to say at least $1200
Me: God no!
BF: I say do it, I mean if I can have a $14,000 motorcycle you can have a $600 sewing machine, at least yours makes stuff
Me: Agreed, get a new hobby
BF: No, are you done eating that?

OK, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought boyfriend's were supposed to be your "better half" (snort) and give you "good advice" (snort snort) and stop you from spending tons of money (bahaha, snort, bahahah, snort) Wait, if I can't get through that sentence without laughing out loud, well, I should have know better than to ask him right? Sigh.

So I guess I'm on the market for new sewing machine! Anyone have any ideas?


amy said...

Berninas if you want to buy new. Personally I say stalk some vintage ones. They don't have to be so super vintage that they only do a straight stitch and have a treadle ( though I would LOVE a treadle machine) but I find older ones to be built better and easier to take care of since they are built with basic mechanics and not computers. but that is my 2 cents!

Debi said...

hehehehe! Maybe he was using reverse psychology! :-)

Carisa said...

Debi! I hadn't even thought of that...I'm not sure he would go to that much trouble though. Reverse psychology takes a lot pf planning and that would take him away from watching Chowder on the Cartoon Chanel. teeheee

Amy! Hey lady! Are you still looking into schools in the UK?

rialou said...

BF does give great advice, I think. BTW, you should be able to view my blog now. You appear as a contact in my permissions. Unless BF advises you not to read it, of course...

Carisa said...

hahaha, no I lost the link...because I'm super special that way...

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