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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OH the Irony of it all

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Oh Look at me! Blogging twice in one day! Score! I just have to mention this story and didn't want it to get lost in my other post, because I find it to be quite ironic and funny, in a laugh-instead-of-cry sorta way.

I decided I needed a new project on Saturday, so I rummaged through my old patterns and found a lovely mid-thigh trench coat pattern I just had to have (there is a strong possibility I may have a slight obsession of jackets, just as a warning). So I went a few blocks over to Joann Fabrics (because I live in Seattle and there is really no choice for inexpensive fabric stores, sooo sad...I miss you Vogue Fabrics in Chicago and Shepherds Bush Market in London!) Anyways, I got this faaabuluse deal on some cotton sateen!

These were my choices, at first I wanted to go with a really bright color like the blue, but after looking at it in the mirror, although it would have looked killer with my red hair, my sizable everythingelse, would not have fared so well.

Behold! My future masterpiece! dark Red with a black and white lining.

So why do I find this ironic? Well I got home and realized, I have, ahem, grown a bit, ahem, and the pattern no longer fits. So guess what? OH THE IRONY!!! I have to resize it. Oh yes, I laughed, so you might as well laugh too. Since I won't be distributing the resize, I got out my trusty paper and sized away, it was actually really good practice and I learned a lot. It's a modern pattern so it's already multi-sizes (just not my size, booo) so it was interesting to see how they gave a little more hear and there and a little less in places for ease. Très Intéressant...

 I'll post more as I get more of it done!


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