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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Trenchy the Naughty Coat

Posted by Carisa |

As promised, I have finished my trench coat! I actually finished ages ago, but because of my, ahem, addiction to certain crime shows that will not be named (Bones), I haven't posted in a while (millennium). I used the McCall pattern 5525 and did regrade it to my size with the ever so accurate, add-an-inch-everywhere-and-fit-it-to-me-later, method. I knoooow I was supposed to do it the "right" way, but once I saw how many pieces there were I decided against it, because I have better things to do (lazy).  So here's the low down...

THIS, is the finished product, note that I am just taking pictures now and have worn it numerous times, thus there is a bit of a I-haven't-seen-an-iron-before feel to it, or wrinktastic as I call it...ignore this please. Yes, that IS the dress I was working on regrading on the form...I plead the 5th on the grounds that it might incriminate me as an addict with a TV watching problem.

Things I learned:
1. McCalls does NOT always know best. -- Why you ask? They don't really specify to do any interfacing on the belt, thus what results is a puny and poor excuse for a belt. So instead of a belt, I have a trendy tie in the back...pathetic. You would think after years of sewing I would think "Oh McCalls you think you're so smart but you aren't" no, instead I went "Sweet!" and then did a little cabbage patch dance of delight to not having to do more pre-sewing work.

 2. I am far more OCD than originally thought. -- WHO knew that a trench coat had so many parts and detail sewing? I spent more time Topstitching than I did sewing or picking out the lining (please see gross error in judgment or #3)

3. No matter how bitchin' you think it's going to look, there is a REASON they don't call all fabric lining. -- Now, I'm not saying I don't totally heart my lining, because I think it's awesome. The problem is I made it out of the same fabric as the shell of the jacket and there is not only added bulk but a serious lack of movement, Normally I would never stray from using fabric called lining, but it was so pretty...

Dear Lining Gods,
I got you message and I think you kinda of suck for your poor attitude and lack of clarity on informing me that I was making a mistake on fabric choice. But overall I stand by my decision purely on how fantastic it looks, and I hate being wrong.

Now tell me it doesn't look kinda bad ass?

The yolk:

The pockets:

The Fully Monty (yes that is my boyfriend's hand, he would make SUCH a good Vanna, no?)

So there you have it folks! I will never make another trench again, A: Because I have one now, and B: Because it took way to long to make. (Please note that B will be a distant and strangely fond memory by the time A is no longer true. Sigh)


Anonymous said...

I love this color. And I completely concur about the lining (being gorgeous, that is).


P.S. I'm glad you're posting again! You always make me giggle!

Carisa said...

Hi Garnet! I'm glad i make you giggle, because I make myself giggle and honestly, it's a bit awkward when I'm doing it by myself, people stare.

I love the color too, and the lining, and I'm sure if I lost weight instead of gaining it the lining wouldn't be as big of a deal...sigh...

Anonymous said...

I love this coat made out of the sateen trying to find inspiration for my lady grey coat I'll be doing for the sew along.

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