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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How Hard Could This Be...

Posted by Carisa |

I was reading a comment response thingy on the SewRetro site to my Paper Tracing Blog, and geogrrl mentioned that their personal motto was "How Hard Could this Be?" After I was done laughing so loud that my boss asked me what was so funny, I decided, what a perfect title for a blog explaining why I haven't done anything at all in the past few days!

I find that I try really hard to be productive in the evenings, and I find that people, as in social situations, are like my shiny objects of distraction. Such as this weekend for instance, I was all set to get down with my tracing, and instead fell prey to a suggestions that I should watch the train wreck that is Jersey Shore (if you have not watched, please don't, it's for your own good). I finally tore myself away once I realized I had wasted 4hrs on the worst MTV show to grace their station since Cribs (yes, I sadly Wikipedia-ed it to find out if Sammi and Ronny were still together, they are.) Then Monday, well that was dinner and Wii night. And then yesterday, I even skipped a beautiful day for crew practice, just to get my trace on, and well that turned into grocery shopping night.

The moral of the story is, I am apparently incapable of doing more than one thing in a night, eventhough I'm home by 5pm.

Tonight is the night people! I WILL trace!


Original Mischief said...

Hi Carisa, found your blog through Sew Retro. Look forward to watching how you go getting your 'trace on'! Cheers Monique ♥

geogrrl said...

Glad I could give you a laugh! That personal motto has given me a lot of personal chagrin... and I never learn.

But it keeps life interesting.

I really like the blog entries you have and I'll keep checking back.

Also, thanks for the review on the architect's paper. I think I'll have to get some of that.

Anwen said...

"How hard can it be...?" can lead to a lot of trouble!
But seriously....TRACE!...You know there's no excuse. Get the diet coke out (but not too near your paper) and get on with it.
Have I been bossy enough yet?

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