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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dude...Where's My Blogging?

Posted by Carisa |

I knooooow. I suck! But I've been working on a super duper life altering project and I'm just so excited to tell you that in June, 2011, I will be opening a sewing studio!! I knooooow, I'm excited too! The Studio will be based in Seattle, WA, and will not only be an hourly rate studio with sewing machines, sergers, dressforms, etc, but it will also have a fabric store and a full range of classes! Did I mention that I'm excited? CAN YOU FEEL IT! Go to my webiste and check out all the bitchin' stuff we are going to have! I promise to get back to my Vintage Red very soon, but probably not till July once the store is fully open.



WhimWham said...

So soon? That's so exciting!
Anwen x

amy said...

Holy shmoly Carisa!! That is awesome! congrats!

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