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Friday, January 15, 2010

101: Intro to Moi

Posted by Carisa |

So, I notice on a lot of sewing blogs, people just do a first post all willy nilly, and I always feel a little let down. Where's the intro? The Setup? The reason you started it in the first place? Now don't get my wrong, I'm not trying to pee in your cheerios for those of you who have blogs that don't do intros (ok well kinda). But I'm A: Nosy and want to know more about you, and B: I don't understand how, on one of the vainest mediums next to Twitter updating (I mean really?), that one would choose not to do a little performance of the (Enter Name Here) Show? You know, get your inner Vanity Smurf on!

So here we go...her's my INTRO (consider your cheerios peed in)

The Carisa Vanity Show (Season 1, Episode 1): I Got Your Cheerios Right Here

When I was 8, my grandmother and mother taught me to sew, in the hopes that learning to put something together, would stop me from dismantling everything in the house  (I mean. as if Barbie neeeeded that car or something, geesh!)

Well it worked, I haven't dismantled a doorknob in years (well I did finally learning how locks work, thus ending my need for scientific experimentation on the subject.) Since then I have dedicated my spare time to sewing, and learning as much about the craft as I can. Oh and being lazy.

So here we are, in Blogland, 20-plus years later (eek), and my new challenge is to take the vintage patterns I have (read: serious pattern collecting problem to the tune that it is quite likely they will find me dead underneath them in the next Lifetime reality show), and create multi-size patterns that everyone can use. I know far to well what it is like to squeal with excitement on viewing a beautiful vintage pattern, only to sigh loudly and curse my enchilada addiction, when I see it doesn't come in my size, or even close to my size (boo).

The catch you ask? The reason you will come back and that I'm blogging instead of working right now? Well, honestly, I haven't graded a pattern before, plus I'm really entertaining, I make myself laugh at least 2 times a day. So if you decide to visit me again, you can follow along with me on this new scientific experiment (um, maybe don't mention to mom, she still has flashbacks and screams when someone says "experiment" à la turrets style. Poor UPS Guy.) Here, on this site, is where I''ll be your free entertainment about my process of learning grading, my mistakes, my triumphs, my inability to sew a single garment without sewing something in upside down or backwards at least once (I mean every friggin' time.), and a host of other useless facts about moi.

Hopefully you will enjoy it, and hopefully someday, you will be able to come here, and squeal with delight when you click on a fabulous vintage pattern and it does, in fact, come in your size. Until then, my sarcasm and pictures will be here for you enjoyment.

So I'll see you around then?


Trudy Callan said...

I left a comment, but I don't know if it went through. The computer seemed to do something weird. Anyway, here I go again. Sorry if you get this twice.

I'm looking forward to reading your future posts. Sounds interesting.

Hope you'll come and visit my blogs and look around. Please note in the side bar a photo of my 9 year old daughter. It links to her sewing blog if you are interested in visiting her as well.

Nadia said...

Hello! You're made me laugh at least twice today too, so double win! :D

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